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The Throne Necklace Pendant Panel 1
The Throne Necklace Pendant Panel 2
The Throne Necklace Pendant 3 & 4
The Throne Necklace Pendant & Chain
The Throne Necklace Pendant & Chain

Sterling Silver, enamel and copper this locket style pendant features 4 panels which are reversible.

Pendant - 5 cm x 3.5 cm,  Chain - 55 cm

The public toilets in Matakana Village inspire The Throne. The design and form of the toilets together with the historical character and landscape of Matakana is explored. The viewers are virtually positioned inside and outside the toilet cubicle by the manipulation of the hinge and pin. Closing the panels together and inserting the pin is like securing the toilet door from the inside. Releasing the pin to open the panels is like opening the toilet door and stepping outside to reunite with the surrounding landscape. The image of the historical memorial statue of King George V define the title. The statue was physically moved 100 metres along with the toilets being built on this original statue site. Hence, King George V was dethroned by toilets and the connotations associated with the word "throne" as referring to the toilet. Sterling silver represent the general construction of the toilets, glass enamel powders represent the stained glass windows, glazed tiles and ceramics actually used and copper wire represents the plumbing and copper edging actually used.

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