Mt Tamahunga and its range is a prominant, iconic  landmark that stretches from beyond Warkworth to
Leigh. The mountain continues to build and strengthen its history. It once was a Maori pa  site and foot
trail used by the Ngati Wai chief  Te Kiri famous for "liberating"  Maori war prisoners from nearby Kawau
Isand in the 1860's. In 2001 the Tamahunga Trail was officially opened  as part of  Te Araroa - The Long 
Path, a hiking trail the length of New Zealand. This 8 km section has entrance and exit points at Pakiri at
the end of Rodney Rd and at Omaha Valley Rd, Matakana  and the track takes hikers over the 430 metre 
summit of  Mt Tamahunga. Living so near it, Tamahunga is part of my life. I have visually admired it, 
hiked it, write poetry about it, painted it and made jewellery themed upon it. Please contact me as to the 
availablity and further details of these paintings below. 

Tamahunga -  Morning Cool, Crisp and Dewy
76.5 x 11 cm
dyes, pencils on canvas
Tamahunga - Summer Sunset
76.5 x 11 cm
dyes, pencils on canvas
Tamahunga - 10 Seconds Before Sundown
76.5 x 11 cm
dyes, pencils on canvas
Tamahunga -After the Rain
72 x 13 cm
Dyes , pencils on canvas
Tamahunga Rainbow
72 x 12.5 cm
Dyes, pencil on canvas
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Available at my studio/gallery at 596 Whitmore Road, Matakana or by contacting me via email for more information and to make purchasing arrangements.
Tamahunga - Fish Belly Sunset
72 x 12 cm
dyes, acrylic paint on canvas